Fallin’ For New Hampshire

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August 17, 2016
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Most famously known for its fall color, New Hampshire is one of the best places to live during the autumn months. Covered in vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow, the spectacular fall foliage makes average road trips just a liiitle less boring. Driving through Conway's scenic highways and venturing through the White Mountains guarantees a moment for pause and picture worthy moments that will last a lifetime. It seems that activities throughout the fall are never ending. Whether you're watching scary movies with friends, hosting a bonfire or trying every pumpkin flavored beer you can find, there's never a dull moment once the fall rolls around. And whether you're someone who enjoys fresh apple crisp from the orchard or fear-inducing halloween attractions that will get your blood pumping, New Hampshire's wide range of activities are the perfect segway into a wintery white wonderland.



There's an abundance of farms and orchards spread throughout New Hampshire that are open for apple and pumpkin picking throughout the autumn months. If you're lucky enough, you can even find orchards with activities such as corn mazes and buying fresh to order apple cider donuts. The perfect way to spend a brisk fall day, bringing your friends and loved ones is bound to bring universal smiles and laughs. Take pictures in the pumpkin patch, fill your home with the delicious apple aroma of any and all delicious treats that you make, and see who can carve the spookiest pumpkin! Click here for some of the best apple orchards to get your fall on.
Fair season is the best season. There is no place quite like the fair where you can watch horse shows, go on carnival rides, and get your face painted all while simultaneously eating every fried food that you can think of (seriously, fairs can fry up anything). Ever heard of fried oreos? If not, you've really got to get on that. Bring your friends and go check out the giant pumpkin weigh off, feed some livestock, and check out all of the different arts & crafts on display. Depending on what fair you choose to go to, there's also a chance for some great live music and beer tasting that can make any Saturday night a better one. And before you go, don't forget to get yourself a sticky caramel apple for the ride home! Click here for a list of all the fairs and festivals taking place this year.

Haunted Attractions


Ghosts, zombies, and ghouls, oh my! Spread across New Hampshire are various haunted houses and attractions that are sure to make to you jump and get your adrenaline rushing. The fear factor ranges from being perfect for kids, to attractions where it might be better to leave the kids at home. Some attractions, depending on where you choose to go, even insist that there are real paranormal spirits in the room with you...spooky! Take your level of fear to the next level and see how brave you really are. Activities such as haunted hayrides, haunted houses, walks through the woods....pick your potion and good luck. Want to kick things up a notch? Tap into your wild side and visit a haunted attraction on Halloween! Click here to see some of the most popular haunted attractions throughout New Hampshire.
Of course, hiking year round in New Hampshire offers beautiful scenery that is hard to come by and even harder to forget. But once the fall comes around? The views take on an entirely new form that are captivating and will make you truly thankful that you're a New England native. Scattered with the vibrant colors of the changing leaves, there's no better moment than reaching the top of a summit and looking out to a wave of orange and red in a flurry in front of you. Whether choosing a simple hike overlooking Winnisquam Lake or battling a tough 4,000 footer that will test your endurance, both views will leave you breathless. So grab your hiking boots, and get moving. Click here to find the best hikes throughout the state.

Pumpkin Festivals

Each year, various towns and cities host a Pumpkin Festival that celebrates everyone's love of fall. One of the most famously known festivals, the New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival, has an annual competition of residents and citizens to create the largest pumpkin display and break the record from the year before. Once the pumpkin display is lit up, a truly mesmerizing sight is created that sets the mood for the remainder of the festival.
Now that fall is coming into full swing, it's time to begin checking some of these activities off of your to-do list. As the days become shorter and the nights become colder, be thankful for a beautiful New England summer and an even better New England fall. With so many different sight seeing opportunities, there will never be a moment that you're sitting at home with nothing to do. Before you know it, the first snow fall will be hitting the ground, so make sure you are planning your weekends out before autumn is over! We really are fallin' for you, New Hampshire.

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