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    Buying a home can be either stressful or enjoyable, especially if it’s your first time. Between friends, relatives, and all the “expert” advice, sifting through what’s best for you is sometimes enough to get people to turn away. We’ve been there. That’s a major part of the reason we established Red Post Realty. Here’s how we can take the guesswork and headaches out of the situation:

    Financial Questions

    If you need assistance starting the process, give us a call and we can point you in the right direction. Also see our Mortgages Resource Guide if you need help understanding what options you have and what you could qualify for. Check out our Mortgage Calculator as well and try out different cost scenarios to find what you’re comfortable with. If you’ve already been pre-approved, great! Take a look at the taxes in your potential new town NH Tax Map.

    Location and Lifestyle Choices

    Whether it’s School districts, nightlife, backyards, or a place to keep the yacht, everyone has to find the right balance between what’s most important. Sit down with us for a few minutes! We can help you sort it out and come up with the best strategy.

    Project or Perfect?

    Whether you want to do it yourself, hire a contractor, or don’t even want to change the paint (yeah, we’ve had that one), knowing the kinds of projects you’re willing to take on will help us make sure you leave showings feeling optimistic rather than uneasy.

    Knowing What You Want

    Regardless or your situation, we pride ourselves on knowing the area, working smarter, always being available, and making sure that you have a harder time figuring out what couch to buy than what home it’s going in.