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Krissie's roots run deep in New England, having grown up in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and spent countless summers exploring the stunning coastlines of Maine and Portsmouth. But life took her away for 17 years as she raised three boys and ran her own business alongside her Navy Physician husband. Now, she's back and ready to bring her unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit to the New England Seacoast and the world of real estate at Red Post Realty.

Krissie's love for this beautiful coastline is contagious, and she's committed to helping others find their dream homes in the place she's always called home. At Red Post Realty, we're proud to have Krissie on our team, embodying our culture of caring for our clients and going above and beyond to make sure they find the perfect New England home. If you're looking for someone who knows the area like the back of her hand and is passionate about helping you find your perfect slice of paradise, Krissie is your go-to agent. Let's make your New England dreams a reality together!