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Brittney is familiar with New Hampshire's seacoast despite having moved to the state from the Tampa Bay Area. Her love of exploring, geographic diversity, and nature has really shown her what all the Live Free or Die state has to offer. Since moving here she has immersed herself in meeting the people and seeing the places that make the seacoast such a great place to work, live, and play. The spontaneity of sales first captured her attention through selling craft beer. Through her commitment to doing right by others, serving people brings her fulfillment. In her free time, you can find Brittney playing disc golf, hiking mountains, dancing, simply being in the sunshine, cooking, keeping things local & hanging out with her dog Franco. As a kid, Brittney would visit construction sites with her dad, watching him build homes from start to finish. Working with Brittney will make it easy to turn any house into a home, and to truly love where you live.